Are you working overseas and want help with your U.S. taxes?  The fact that you work in a foreign country adds a twist to your income taxes.  Whether you are in business, a comissioned missionary or a foreign relief worker, the IRS allows you to exclude a certain amount of your income earned while working in another country.  In addition, comissioned missionaries gain the benefit of excluding from social security taxes income set aside for a housing allowance.  Each of these issues can make a simple tax return more complex.

The next question is how you gain access to professional tax preparation while overseas.  You are at the right place.  Now with technology, I can complete your federal and state income tax returns through my virtual office.  I will provide you with a tax organizer to help pull together your tax information.  You can send information to me via the Secure File Transfer link on this website, fax, email or regular mail.  I will electronically file your tax return, which eliminates the need for filing paper tax returns with the IRS.  Now you do not have to worry about international mail delivery getting your documents safely to the proper place.  Finally, I send a paper copy of your tax return to you.  If you need it expedited for your child's financial aid considerations or some other reason, I can provide an electronic copy through the Secure File Transfer link on this website. 

All of this is available for a fee less than your local chain tax preparation office here in the States. Contact me for more information and a free estimate on the cost of this service.

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