Our Team There For You

The team at Jeffrey D. Reimer, CPA, PLLC is more than a group of bean counters and tax preparers. We are a team of business advisors, using accounting, payroll and tax solutions to provide you with insights and propel you toward your financial goals.

Our Services

From assisting business start-ups to managing day-to-day accounting, payroll and taxes, our team is there for you.

Leveraging technology for business in today’s world

We leverage technology to efficiently gather information, accurately report accounting and tax information, and securely share that information with you. This system of integrated cloud-based tools is available to you wherever you have internet access, whether in the office or at home or traveling to your favorite places.

Business Advice

Business financial statements tell a story about the organization. We work with you to interpret that story, where your business has been, the obstacles it has overcome and the challenges and opportunities lying ahead. We also have resources available to answer questions and provide insights for solving the challenges your business faces.

Ready to step on the bridge?